Mandakini Farm, Behind Enasan Village, Pardhol, Ahmedabad.



School provides the facility of transportation on limited routes. In a mega city like Ahmedabad it is not possible to run buses on all routes. Seats of school buses are also limited, so it’s the responsibility of parents to drop and collect their wards in such cases. This school is just started its academic activities, so the routes of buses may vary according to the destinations of wards. Exact pickup and drop point will be decided afterwards.

Transport facility is optional and those who opt transport facility have to comply with the norms set by school authority. We do not compromise with safety norms for providing you safe and good transport service. Each bus is well equipped with Fire-Extinguisher and First Aid Box. Bus route may not be changed for one’s convenience

Objective: Transport service provided by VIP School is a facility to commute safely.
Aim: To arrive school on time and to drop the students at home safely.

Facilities provided are :

  • RTO approved buses.
  • Experienced and trained Drivers / Conductors.
  • Fire extinguisher in buses
  • First aid kit in buses.
  • Insurance of children in case of any eventuality.
  •  Transport service is optional.
  • Buses will not wait beyond one minute at each pick up point
  • Transport service charges vary because of ever changing fuel prices and inflation levels.
  • ·One way pick up or dropping is not possible
  • 30 kms transport will not be offered to the students.
  • Transport service should be ensured for the whole academic year.
  • Drivers are not allowed to use Mobile Phone during driving.